Affected by Covid-19

I caught the Covid-19 virus before, and at that time I didn’t have the energy to even do the basic things in my everyday life. Thank God, this happened last summer and not during a regular semester because studying and having exams wouldn’t be the best idea while having Covid.

Shifting to the online learning changed a lot of things, I feel more responsible towards my classes right now because if I didn’t, I would be completely lost and would miss every deadline. However, I still find it a very hard experience because the workload is kind of doubled in some courses and all of us are stressed a little by the atmosphere around us and the lack of communication. I wish this ends soon and we go back to our normal life.

This experience taught me lot and I even became more grateful, it showed me that I should appreciate everything around me even the tinniest things that we normally don’t pay attention to like smelling and tasting and spending our days normally for example. The way we deal with this virus or the behavior we have is the key, we just have to relax and never stress over it because this leads to severe consequences, just take your time till you heal and feel way better inshaAllah :’)

Through this platform, I would like to give special thanks to all the doctors and all the medical staff -who are in the front line- for their highly appreciated effort that they put right now in order to face the pandemic and help patients.

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