Digital narrative game: Phase 3 

Rawan M. Ibrahim & Nora Abdelwahab

You’re experiencing one of the days of a university student dealing with anxiety. Try to imagine yourself going through the following scenarios and choose from the options what you would do.

Scenario 1:

Today you have an important presentation in one of your courses that will take a huge part of your grade. You weren’t able to get fully prepared for this presentation and you decided that you’ll wake up early to get everything done. You were supposed to wake up at 6:30am as the presentation will be at 9am. Unfortunately, you woke up late at 8am. 

  • Options: 

A- you hurry up to get dressed and decide to present what you finished. (Choosing option A will get you to Scenario 2)

B- you decide to finish your whole presentation.

(go to scenario 2)

Scenario 2:

you hurry up to get dressed and decide to present what you finished. You arrived on time and you have 2 other people presenting before you. Your anxiety interferes again and you begin to feel that others’ presentations are really good and way better than yours and that you are going to embarrass yourself with the work that you have. Your heart starts pounding really hard and your palms are sweating.

  • Options: 

A- you go to the bathroom in an attempt to calm yourself down and start taking deep breaths. (Choosing option A will get you to Scenario 3)

B- you leave and decide to talk to the professor to let you present later knowing that you will lose half of your grade.

Scenario 3:

You do your presentation, you stutter a bit and the professor comments on how your presentation is not complete. After finishing your class, you decided to contact one of your friends to cheer up a bit after what happened and your friend invites you to a party, but you are not feeling like it but your friend insists that you should go, so you go anyway. You see a lot of people from your class there. It makes you even more anxious and they start looking at you. You wonder if they are thinking about what you did in the presentation and how you messed up.

  • options:

A- you sit and start scrolling on your phone ( Choosing option A will get you to scenario 4)

B- you leave the party

Scenario 4:

You start noticing a lot of unread messages from your classmates that you are doing a group project with. You totally forgot about it because you had a lot of other things to do, but now it is due in two days and you did not even start it yet. You start feeling guilty because you think that your group mates are doing all the work while you are doing nothing but sitting alone at a party, you don’t even know if you are going to finish it ontime. You are already not doing well in this course and you have to pass it but if you won’t do well in this project you will have to repeat the course. you get even more anxious and you have a lot of thoughts that are going in your head.


A- you are so overwhelmed and anxious, and this party is not helping so you just leave ( Choosing option A will get you to scenario 5)

B- go find your friend and just hang out for a bit more until you calm down a bit

Scenario 5:

You went home and you found your family and relatives sitting together in the living room, so you go and say hello and they cannot stop talking about how they have not seen you in ages.You don’t even know how to answer, so you just keep smiling but they keep asking about your school and your friends and how you are doing. It is so overwhelming and you don’t have the energy to speak and reply. 


A- tell them that you are tired and go to your room

B- try to talk to them  even though it is hard, but you don’t want them to think that you are disrespecting them.

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